STI Norland designs and manufactures solar trackers and fixed-tilt structures, providing long-term and comprehensive solutions. We adapt to the needs of each customer, always offering the most efficient solution for each project, including commissioning and installation services.

Solar trackers

STI Norland's solar trackers are the most versatile and efficient horizontal PV trackers on the market. They consume minimum energy, adapt to the most uneven terrains and are very durable.

Centralized horizontal single-axis solar tracker (Multi-Row)

Centralized horizontal single-axis solar tracker (multi-row)

The STI-H1250TM is the most efficient solar tracker on the market with less than 5 drives and 20 meters of underground pipeline for every MWp installed. Its actuator has a high-performance geared motor with 250 W of power. 

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Decentralized horizontal single-axis solar tracker (Dual-Row)

Decentralized horizontal single-axis solar tracker (dual-row)

The STI-H250TM is the first dual-row tracker on the market. Allows adaptation to uneven terrain with N-S slopes of up to 10% and unlimited in the E-W.

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Fixed-tilt PV structures

The fixed-tilt solar structures STI-F3TM and STI-F5TM are comprised of a series of metal profiles bolted together to support photovoltaic panels at a certain tilt, facing South (in the Northern Hemisphere) to achieve the most optimal position for the PV modules to capture sunlight.

Bipost fixed structures

Double post fixed structures

STI-F5TM is the fixed-tilt structure for the installation of solar panels suitable for large even terrain.

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Monopost fixed structures

Single post fixed structures

The STI-F3TM is the most versatile fixed-tilt structure to install solar panels on uneven terrain. 

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STI Norland provides the best possible service for each customer. That is the reason why they see us more as a partner than just a supplier. The services we offer include:

  • Geotechnical investigations and pull out tests
  • Installation 
  • Assembly supervision and orientation
  • Commissioning

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