Double-post fixed structure

STI-F5 is the fixed structure for the installation of solar panels indicated for large collection surfaces and slight tilt. Supports high wind and heavy snow loads.

Fixed-tilt structures for every solar panel

It has been designed to fully optimize the installation of PV modules thanks to its great adaptability to terrain and its different attachment options. STI F5TM extends the life of the installation due to the robustness of the structure and quality of its materials.


Fixed structures for STI F5 solar panels

STI-F5 is a double-post structure of 8-meter wide that is able to support module configurations of 4-portrait or 8-landscape, suitable for areas with high wind and heavy snow loads. 

Our engineers design the structure according to the specifications of each project and the country or region regulations (ASCE, Eurocode, CFE, NCH, AS/NZS, etc.) 

It is modular and adapts to the electrical configuration and needs of the project, providing maximum optimization, with modules of up to 2 m x 1 m and tilts of between 5 and 15°.


Flexible for adaptation to all types of terrain and slopes

Flexible for adaptation to all types of terrain and slopes.

Optimize space and allow more panels to be installed in less space

Optimize land-use and install more panels in less space.

Easy assembly, without the need for any machinery and minimizing man-hours

Easy assembly that minimizes man-hours and avoids the use of machinery.

Instalation and maintenance

Thanks to the simplicity of its structure and its modular design, minimal installation time is required. In addition, the learning curve for its assembly is very fast, eliminating downtime and enabling the quick training of installers. 

  • The dimensions and weights of the structure parts have been optimized so the use of machinery for their handling is unnecessary.
  • The number of references that make up the structures has been reduced, facilitating their control and recognition on site.
  • 100% bolted joints. No need for welding, cutting or drilling for on site.
  • Designed to mount PV modules with retaining bolts, rivets and aluminum fasteners.
  • Great adaptability to terrain and high tolerances for foundation positioning deviations.
  • Assembly tools provided to facilitate installation without constant metric verifications.

Installation types available

Direct pile driving

Direct pile driving

Indicated for cohesive soils of medium-firm consistency and granular soils of medium to dense consistency.

Pile driving with pre-drilling

Pile driving with pre-drilling

Indicated when direct pile driving is not possible due to the presence of localized rocky areas.

Concrete micropile

Concrete micropile

Indicated for soils with poor geomechanical properties, high corrosion or presence of rock.

Screw pile

Screw pile

Indicated for soils with a high content of vegetation and also for mixed soils with deep layers of rock and granular strata on the surface.

Concrete pad

Concrete pad

Indicated for landfill areas.

Technical specifications

General characteristics
Type of structureDouble-post modular fixed structure
Estimated surface area per 1 MWp1.5-2 ha (depending on tilt angle)
Dimensions (standard structure)
LengthDepends on module configuration
WidthUp to 26.30 ft/8 m
Height9.85 ft/3 m approx.
Distance of panel from ground1.64 ft/0.5 m
TiltAdaptable to the angle (5°-30°)
Structural analysis
Applicable regulationsAdaptable to EC, ASCE, CFE, NCH, AS/NZS, SANS
Mechanical specifications
Max wind speed (in horizontal position)Standard 87 mph/140 km/h
StructureHot-dip galvanized steel
Applicable regulationsEurocode as standard
Direct pile drivingCohesive soils of medium-firm consistency and granular soils of medium to dense consistency
Pile driving with pre-drillingVery firm or rocky soils with pre-drilling beforehand
MicropileLow bearing capacity or corrosive soils
Screw pileVery firm or rocky soils with pre-drilling beforehand
Concrete padDifficult soils, landfills
Maintenance periodMinimum
Standard10-year structural warranty

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