At STI Norland, we push ourselves to provide the best possible service for our customers. For this reason, we are seen more as a partner than just a supplier.

Geotechnical investigations and pull-out tests

One of the biggest risks in solar power projects is the structure foundation. Thanks to our extensive experience in the supply of large-scale PV plants, customers rely on our know-how to help them choose the most optimal foundation solution by performing tests on site.

Installation services

STI Norland has its own equipment and resources for the installation of solar tracker and fixed-tilt strucures. Alternatively, we partnered with and certified other companies to install our products, always meeting the demanding construction schedules and giving people from the local communities the opportunity to train and join our constant growing team.

STI Norland Installation Services

Assembly supervision services

Our personnel provide support in each installation phase of the project, providing support during foundation works, structure assembly and PV module installation. STI Norland guides assembly teams on how to perform tasks properly, advising and ensuring the quality of the work, as well as meeting deadlines.

STI Norland Assembly supervision Services


STI Norland commissions the solar power plants in which it participates. This can be done in two phases, cold commissioning and hot commissioning, where STI Norland technicians guarantee the proper operation and monitoring of the solar trackers and perform various reliability tests. Local workers are also trained in Operation and Maintenance tasks.