Innovation and development

STI Norland continuously strives toward innovative solutions for all projects, obtaining new technical solutions, and with them, improving the quality and profitability of our products. We use combined methods of complex analytics (dynamic, finite element, non-linear analyses, etc.) together with continuous field experimentation.

Innovation and Development

We invest more than 2% of our turnover in R&D. At STI Norland. we are firmly committed to innovation and development as a tool for continuous improvement to maintain the leading position of the company and its products in the sector. Just like in Formula One racing, we strive for the continuous evolution of our products in order to offer the best products at the best price.

Our working method is based on anticipation and adaptation to change. A leading company like ours must look to the future to innovate and detect new opportunities, and be the first to resolve new challenges in the sector.

Our passion for innovation has led us to collaborate with universities, participate in European projects such as Maslowaten, and work with research bodies such as the National Center for Renewable Energies (CENER), and entrust the validation of our products and processes to companies like TÜV Rheinland and Intertek 

Trusted solutions

STI Norland products are extensively tested in the field with real prototypes (for years) before their market release, ensuring their trouble-free continuous performance and making it possible to offer extensive guarantees. These prototypes are subjected to wind action in extreme positions, allowing us to improve the designs and continuously develop new systems. These tests also make it possible to optimize the design of the products, their manufacture and on-site supply planning (of vital importance for meeting project delivery and assembly times).

Trusted solutions

Production and logistics

STI Norland is aware of the need to optimize all processes in order to offer quality products and services within the agreed deadlines. In addition to product design, STI Norland optimizes the production process itself and the logistics chain along the following general lines:

  • Maximum use of materials and space. 
  • Use of resources and services close to the production plants, generating employment and wealth.
  • Optimization of supply and delivery chains.
  • Just-In-Time manufacturing methods, with reduced delivery times, as well as a high level of efficiency.