Quality and capacity

The main objective of STI Norland is to adapt projects according to each customer’s guidelines and needs, providing technical solutions and global responses for each job, thereby guaranteeing their performance with the highest levels of quality and return on investment.

Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System

At STI Norland, we rigorously comply with our own Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System, with which we seek to maintain business excellence for the following purposes:

  • Achieve Continuous Improvement in all our processes and in the projects offered to customers.
  • Establish quality and environmental management objectives.
  • Minimize the ecological footprint produced by our activity.
  • Keep our staff trained and up to date with the latest techniques and resources in the sector.
  • Rigorously comply with all legal and environmental requirements that affect our activity in every country where we carry out assembly work.


Quality and Experience

STI Norland has TÜV Rheinland quality certifications in its Management and Environmental Management systems and processes.

The quality of its products is endorsed by:

Quality endorsed by REPRO


Register of Accredited Companies (REA)

Register of Accredited Companies (REA)

Commitment to comprehensive project management

STI Norland accompanies its customers in all phases of the project, providing its know-how to ensure their success

  • Planning
  • Engineering
  • Financing
  • Supply
  • Construction
  • O&M

Highly qualified personnel

One of the company’s main assets is its highly qualified personnel with extensive experience in the diverse sectors required by the projects it undertakes.

STI Norland is made up of a great team of professionals whose talent, skills and dedication have helped to establish the company as a benchmark in the sector for more than two decades

Highly qualified personnel

Highly qualified personnel

In-house engineering

The engineering and design of its products is designed to optimize structural behavior combined with:

  • Utilization of materials.
  • Construction simplicity.
  • Robustness and durability.
  • The aesthetics of the assembly.
  • The logistics of the supply.
  • Ease of on-site assembly.
  • Economy of resources and energy.

In addition, the meticulous analysis of the elasticity and structural flexibility parameters, as essential elements of damping and reduction of stress and fatigue of the metal structures, increases the durability and guarantee of the products offered.

Guaranteed trusted solutions

STI Norland guarantees the quality of its projects and the fulfillment of all contractual requirements with customers, through insurance policies with its international partner MARSH.

It has civil liability insurance provided by AIG (American International Group, Inc.) with coverage for most countries worldwide, guaranteeing the liability of the parent company and its subsidiaries.  This guarantee is also backed with additional local policies to cover the more specific regulations of each country or particular project requirements.


Marsh&Mclennan Companies


American International Group

American International

Guaranteed trusted solutions

Works with 100% bankable products

In addition to complying with the technical requirements for its products, STI Norland has shown throughout its more than 20 years of existence that it is a solid and trustworthy company. Since its creation in 1996:

  • The company has NOT modified its legal status.
  • It has NOT made changes to the company name.
  • It does NOT own stocks or shares in consortia or joint ventures.
  • It does NOT have any commercial agreements with other companies or industrial groups that may affect its customers or their projects.

At the same time, STI Norland and all its subsidiaries comply with all legal and financial obligations in accordance with the governing laws of each country.

The projects in which STI Norland has participated are funded by highly reputable banks and financial institutions. Their high quality has been tested by carrying out various Due Diligence techniques.