We are STI Norland

STI Norland is one of the world’s most stable and reliable solar companies that specializes in the design, manufacture and supply of solar trackers and fixed-tilt structures for large-scale PV plants.

25 years of solar experience

Founded in 1996 in Pamplona (Spain), STI Norland is a pioneer in Europe in both the development of fixed-tilt structures and solar trackers. Its first solar structure was designed in 1998, building the world’s first PV plant with solar trackers in Navarra in 2002. Since then, the company has taken part in the development and execution of many of the world’s most important solar plants, supplying solar trackers and fixed structures as well as undertaking their electromechanical assembly.

His pioneer spirit remains in force with the development in 2017 of the first dual-row solar tracker in the market, the STI-H250.

Why choose STI Norland?

Because STI Norland has been a key player in the development of solar energy for 25 years now. Because STI Norland shares its know-how with developers and EPC. But, above all, because the people who are part of STI Norland are convinced that photovoltaics are the future and want to contribute to the change in the global energy model.

Excellent large-scale project development capacity and continuous commitment to R&D+i




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Personalized service

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Sustainability, reliability, innovation


To guide the world towards a more sustainable future. As members of society, it is our duty to protect it. We know technology is essential, but not enough. Thus, our aim is clear: To focus on the future, ongoing research, and sustainability, as well as to provide comprehensive solutions required by the marketplace.


We are not merely a supplier, but a travel companion. We seek to provide the best solutions with the aim to consistently satisfy customer needs. We strive to ensure the success of the photovoltaic projects in which we participate. We play our role to further develop sustainable growth and excellence within our industry.


Innovation. A pioneering spirit is at the core of our work method. Throughout our 25 years of history, we have repeatedly positioned ourselves as pioneers, looking to the future in search of new opportunities and optimized performance. We embrace innovation and exploration, without boundaries, with to overcome any challenge.

Development. Our knowledge is at the service of people. We allocate 2% of our turnover to R&D projects and continuous testing of new solutions. We are aware of the trends and needs of the marketplace and of our clients, to whom we commit to offer state-of-the-art products.

Commitment. Respect for clients and the environment. We make customer needs our own, solving them in a methodical, effective, and comprehensive way and focusing on details. We are result-oriented and strive to find profitable, efficient, and suitable solutions which should always be environmentally friendly.

Quality. Ensuring everything fits perfectly. Improvement is always in our minds. We work hard, meticulously, and professionally to ensure our products meet original design expectations and are both solid and long-lasting.